Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Anatomy of a TV Show

My trip to India was eye-opening. I got to spend 10 days with my grandma . She is about 78...sweet, a worrier,  an awesome cook with the craziest quirks. Her one constant in  life is her TV serials on Apka Colors every night 6-9 PM (if you get between her and her TV time heaven save you!)

It took me some years to warm up to shows here in the US what with my initially crazy work hours and travel schedule I didn't watch much other than re-runs of Law and Order and The Food Network. In the past few years with On-Demand and DVRs...a few TV shows have become constants in my life - The Good Wife, Grimm, Castle, The Mentalist, Rizzoli & Isles and most recently Scandal.

Scandal turned out to be a major let-down -- started off as a story about a fixer in Washington DC  and quickly devolved into a lurid sordid story of affairs galore. I am still in a state of shock after watching the sudden death of Will Gardner last night in the DVRed version of  The Good Wife --- game changers, sordid hook-ups, petty fights, office politics....all culminated in this...

Maybe my cue to abstain from TV has this week treated you?