Monday, April 10, 2017

Flying the Unfriendly Skies

Travel, in the young, is a part of education; in the older (maybe wiser), a part of experience.

--Some Wise Person

I woke up early and as I was drinking my AM concoction of ACV and Honey with hot water, a piece of news caught my eyes and I watched this video appalled & horrified at the treatment meted out to a United Passenger...

I used to be one of those people who used to consider my Premier 1K/Star Alliance Gold as a proud badge...every week saw me on a different continent and I absolutely loved flying the "friendly skies" ahem! United being my carrier of choice...a child later, I have to admit I am happy to be off any premier list and usually will get on a flight very reluctantly. Honestly flying has become more cramped, crowded and delayed than ever…seat sizes have shrunk, your baggage allowances have shrunk and the snacks and drinks offered have shrunk…or no longer free, and à la carte pricing at 30,000 feet has become the in thing…a tapas plate with a drink will be $15…thank you very much! Also most times having to deal with grumpy airline staff, rude concierge service and non-existent traveller support systems...and sometimes your fellow travellers make the journey even more are some of my observations on travel behaviors (you can add your own in the comments section) -

  • Air Seat Kickers - this is the worst especially on a long haul flight
  • Air Line Talkers - these are the people who just want to keep talking thro' the flight. I usually wear my noise cancelling headset and play some music...this keeps them at bay
  • Air Seat Recliners - this is especially bad if the person in front of you reclines but the person behind you has strategically stuck his knee into the seat, thereby not allowing you to recline
  • Getting stuck in the middle seat even though your initial ticket said Aisle and worse getting stuck between two big people ( happened to me on a flight to Helsinki...15 hrs and counting...ja!)
  • Air Seat Groomers - I have had a woman sit next to me and do a pedicure and manicure...imagine all that action happening in an economy seat...yikes!
  • Air Seat Squatters - they not only hog the armseats, they get their shoes and socks off and are stretching their legs and hands in every direction available
  • Air Seat Alcoholics - yep! I had a person next to me have 5 double shots of whiskey on a long haul before the stewardess very politely cut him off and didn't give him another one...I moved my seats (thankfully, the airline wasn't full)
Above all, jokes and tongue in the cheek remarks aside,  I hope that the older gentleman in the video gets the justice he deserves...