Sunday, June 7, 2009

A dinner and three movies...

Sunday has almost gone - K2 is in bed watching Winnie the Pooh (A very Merry Christmas) and I thought what better time to update my blog. I left last Sunday for Helsinki...the flight was long and via Munich...the food was blah! but I watched some interesting movies - The Mall Cop, He is not that into you and Bed Time Stories. We got into the Hotel at midnight and decided to take a walk to the Hotel Torni (an older hotel) with beautiful views and a bar. We had a midnight tipple (diluted Mohito was my drink of choice)...took in the views and walked back to our hotel to call it a night. The next 2 days felt like a dream, some parts of it downright nervewracking, others a blur but mostly it was all good. We went out for dinner with a couple colleagues on Tuesday to a place called the Fish Market and I had some excellent Cat Fish and a very crisp Reisling but what I most remember about that dinner was the feeling of a "team" that I felt.

The flight back was even longer and I watched "The Reader" on my way back. I was so glad to get a hug from my little boy. I went down to the Farmer's Market today -- crisp green beans, chinese spinach, Opo Squash, Carrots, ripe peach and cherries will feature on our menu soon. I did go for a Yoga class in the evening today, I am sure I will hear my muscles creak tomorrow...How was your week?

P.S: This unclear picture was taken at 1.00 AM at the Torni with my E71 and mailed to myself via Ovi Mail

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