Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good Eats...Part 1

This post is for my baby sister who treads softly in a new world...the strange lands called Ohio State University .She is an Oriya born and brought up in West does she like food...Hell Yeah! Is she picky about her food...umm you could definitely say that...Can she cook? I am not holding my breath and I suggest you don't either...

Blundering in the forests of Kroeger, trying to find her way around what tastes good and what's is a phone conversation with I added a lot of Oil and then Jeera and the frozen vegetables...umm and then lots of tasted ok (yeah!yeah! Liar Liar...Pants on Fire...) here are my tips for my brilliant sister on meandering her way to "Good Eats". I can't blow up all my words of wisdom in one I will try and update my blog in parts to update her (if you like my updates do add my blog to your follow list...makes me feel important ;-) )
The first rule of thumb is find a grocery store that works for you -- over the last dozen years with Trial and lotsa error I found the two grocery stores that work for me - Trader Joes (3888 Townsfair Way, Columbus, Ohio ) and the generic Indian Store. Let me start with some of my favorite foods from Trader Joes -

  1. Raw Almond Butter with British Style Cinnamon Crumpets -The slight sweetness of the crumpets slathered with the Almond Butter drizzled with some Clover heaven. The only thing that could make it more perfect is a hot cuppa tea. I sometimes add a thinly sliced apple from the farmer's market in it to make it a balanced breakfast.

  2. Blueberry Waffles with Maple Syrup blended with Agave Nectar - There are 8 waffles and they have a wonderful blueberry taste - toast them in your oven and have them slightly warm drizzled with the Maple Syrup. Drink the Organic Mango Acai Juice from Trader Joes to give you the boost to kickstart you day

  3. I am not a Cereal person but the Quakers Oats Natural Granola with Oats & Honey & Raisins is a favorite with me that I either top off with cold fat-free milk and eat...or I just eat it straight from the can't find this at TJ's but should be in your regular grocery store

  4. Luna Bars are inexpensive at TJ's at 99 cents a pop and good to keep a couple of these favorite flavors are Chocolate Peppermint Stick, Toasted Nuts and Cranberries, Chai Tea

  5. My absolute favorite breakfast of all time is a home made Egg McMuffin - Fat-Free English Muffin ($1.69 for 6 muffins a steal) ; Organic Eggs ($2.49 for 6 brown organic eggs); Havarati Cheese ($3.49 for the packet of 10 Slices). I lightly fork cut the muffin and toast in the oven (I break the slice of cheese into two parts and put one on each side of the muffin while it's toasting...this makes the cheese go melty and yummy). I fry the egg in a non stick pan with Olive Oil spray ( Over Hard is my preference). I put the fried egg, a dash of salt and pepper in the muffin and it is portable comfort on the go for me...
That's all in this edition of the blog kiddo...more in the next one. May you find Comfort & Good Eats in TJ's.
Pssst....sneak peek at a partial grocery list while K1 & K2 were busy playing in the park ( Organic Milk, Organic Carrot, Organic Arugula Salad Blend, Blackberry & Orange Blossom Honey, Reeds Ginger Brew, Organic Greek Yogurt (Honey Flavored) )
Pssssst...K2 is happily munching a very healthy Energy Bar and calling it candy...both he and I are happy Campers...

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