Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meeting Mania and Making Do...

Today was rough...try 7 meetings from 11.00 AM through 4.00 PM (on about 3 hours of sleep the night before) mind kept wandering to places I didn't want it to go to...anxious, cooking up scenarios that product managers are so famous for...yet like clockwork, I was able to get done with all the tasks at hand...For a student of sociology I am really famous (or is it infamous) for shunning meetings...Enough said on meetings.

For the past couple days introspection has been my middle name...if I had to find someone I related to on TV try "Monk" or "Monica" from neatly organized, things compartmentalized...yet recent events have me convinced that the last thing any of us have is "Control"...I was watching the cartoon movie "Kungfu Panda" (yeah! yeah! smirk away...but it did keep my 3 year old entertained) and the old master -- the tortoise said something profound - Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is unknown yet you have today...that is why it is called the's a gift...unwrap it...Life sometimes becomes so robotic, we try to dissect our past and plan for our future, that today just becomes a meaningless jumble of activities...we forget to stop and take a deep breath of the clean air around us, look back at the beauty of achievements and the offerings of the present instead focusing on the unachievable...I don't want to just "make do"...I want to start living...and I hope so do you...don't get lost in the jungle of mindless activity...instead focus on making every minute beautiful and meaningful. Hug your loved ones...cherish the goodnight kisses from your little son or daughter, read them their nursery rhymes, listen to your favorite song (I did today)...don't postpone it to tomorrow...

Last Weekend was Diwali...on Friday...we hung out at home and chilled. On Saturday, we went over to S&K's place for a Diwali party. We had a wonderful time meeting friends old and new, gorging on dosas and idlis and also playing "Mafia"...Sunday was another light-hearted day spent with L&V...L is my friend from school. The week has been hectic -- mostly because K2 is sick again ( I blame pre-school) and K1 is travelling, so it has been tough juggling work and a sick child.

Has your week been meeting free...or are you having bouts of meeting mania....?

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