Sunday, November 29, 2009

Revisiting Life...

A dark stormy night,

Rain pouring, the stormy waters riled,

The winds incensed, the clouds seething

Nature setting up a jangling chord of dissonance.

Seeking for answers,

Finding a milion riddling questions,

I am drowning in uncertainity

Lost and not finding...

It seemed like the world was making peace,

A gentle breeze, the sea calm,

Like a Phoenix, igniting,healing and self-creating,

I revisit Life....

The past few weeks have been puzzling, introspective and extremely uncomfortable. Have I totally recovered...I don't think so. My voice for one is a "Lost Cause"...fighting a battle with Laryngitis and losing it...there were other decision making points...I think I have tried to approach every problem with a brave front and dignity...I guess the key to remember is I am not alone.
I have been attracted to the story of the Phoenix...Simurg (for Persians) and Garuda (for Hindus, Lord Vishnu's vehicle of choice)....a beautiful mythical bird with miraculous healing powers... a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. Towards the end of its life journey, it sings a beautiful song, ignites and burns to ashes and from those very same ashes it is reborn...thus immortalizing it's existence...the concept is comforting.
Thanksgiving has been a quiet week...How has life been treating you?


  1. Hi, Are you by any chance the same Meenakshi Tripathy who studied in the Little Flower school in Nagercoil in 1983~84?

  2. I too studied there, but you have less than zero chance of knowing me as i was in the other section. Recently I met two old friends who were in your class. We were trying to recollect the names of classmates from a quarter century ago and one of them (his name is Jeyachandra Ruban) wondered what became of "the Collector's daughter". We googled your name and found your blog. Happy to hear from you. BTW, nice blog! I enjoyed reading some of your posts. Best regards, Jagadeesh

  3. It is really good hearing from you, though I still don't remember you :-). So are you based in Nagercoil now...wasn't Little Flower a girl's school...the collector became the Chief Secretary of TN and retired last year. He will be visiting me in the US next week...small world. Thanks for reading my blogs.

  4. You would need a supernatural memory to remember me :-). I am based in Singapore and visit Nagercoil about once a year. Little Flower still exists. (It is a girls’ school that admits boys up to the 5th standard.) I hope your dad is enjoying his well-deserved retirement after so many years of service. Hearing from you has really been a “blast to the past” experience!

  5. Same here...really good to hear from you. I am on Linked In and Facebook, so do connect through those sites if you are on them, it would be good to keep in touch