Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend and a cup of Mugicha

Random Question - Have you ever wondered what $30 can buy you? Here is a sneak peak at one of my $30 spends this week, I dare say well-spent….

Groceries $24
(a) 8 bottles of Perrier (Pink Grapefruit)
(b) 1 500 ml Seville Olive Oil
(c) 1 Stainless Steel Water Bottle with flip top (For K2)
(d) 2 Ian’s Organic Go-Bars (Apple Pie)
(e) 2 Godiva – Milk Chocolate Pearls with Cafe Latte
(f) 1 Pringles Mini – Sour Cream and Onions
(g) 2 Pringles Select – Bold South Western
(h) 1 Nescafe Clasico Instant Coffee
(i) 1 Casbah Organic Couscous Pilaf
(j) 1 Sonoma Soap Company – Lavender Reserve Hand Soap
(k) 1 Nature's Gate Sun Block Sunscreen Lotion, Tropical Scent, SPF 30

Farmer’s Market $4
2 Boxes 7 Oz Shelled Walnuts

Restaurant $2
1 Piping Hot Cheese and Loroco Pupusa

Summary : I am a careful shopper who tries to go Organic and Natural but don’t believe you have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

Friday was a very relaxed day…we ordered Greek Take-Out of healthy chicken and lamb Gyros and greasy but yummy French fries. A trip to Whole Foods – some fresh produce, an amazing deal on Santa Cruz Lemonades, some Habenaro Cheese, some beer and 3 bags of Terra Chips later….we trooped over to the bakery section where the super excited K2 got to pick out a cookie of his choice (a blue star shaped sugar cookie)…we went home and relaxed to some TV. Saturday I gave K1, some down time and took K2 to the library for a puppet show about the “Princess Mermaid”…it was lovely. We hung out in the library for a while and then went over to an Asian Grocery Store for a couple bento boxes for the lil’ guy. We picked up a couple boxes and my eyes fell on this barley tea …Mugicha …I picked up a bag. I also picked up a bag of instant cereal with 36 black grains for the little guy. He ate a bowl of the cereal for lunch yesterday and dinner tonight (along with a Mooli Parathas).…we spent a fun Saturday evening with N1, N2 and B over for dinner…A1, R1, A2 & R2 came over later in the night and K2 and A2 had a lot of fun playing together (they go to pre-school together).

Father’s day was relaxed – a relaxed lunch at Whispers CafĂ© ( I had my Huevos Rancheros, K1 had a typical American breakfast (eggs, links & pancakes) and K2 went French with a sweet crepe with bananas, strawberries & Nutella)…we did our trip to the Farmer’s Market (for a change both K1 and K2 were with me)…we got red onions, green garlic, a cauliflower head, blackberries, strawberries and some sweet potatoes.K1 and I went for the evening Yoga class and now after a relaxed dinner with the “Next Food Network Star”, I think these weekend warriors are ready to conquer this week…

How was your weekend?

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