Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Lazy Sunday...

Dinner last night  was at P.F. Changs where I gorged myself on faux chinese food in an extremely relaxing environment ( I guess some of my relaxation was due to not having to plan dinner). Morning saw us taking a walk down the bay and there we saw a  humming bird sit in the trees waiting for something...

We had a relaxed breakfast with some cardamom chai and muesli and then we went to the Farmer's market. We get our bread, cookies, banana bread ,scones and pies from this vendor

The best ever babaganoush from here

Here are the wonderful vendors who give me my fix of purple broccolli, new potatoes, garlic, brussel sprouts, shallots and beets.

And the wonderful vendor who I have been picking up eggs from for the past 6 years - hen eggs, quail eggs and sometimes duck eggs (never baluts!)

We then went to the Whole Foods for some staples and they were celebrating their 30th B'day.  We saw some leopard sharks, touched some Star Fish who had come out to join the festivities from the Marine Institute

Krish snagged himself a melon sorbet...which he ate about 2 spoons of and then mommy finished the rest. Now back to planning for the week...

How was your Sunday?

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