Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can I poke you?

Or better still can I add you as a friend? Like your Status…or comment on it? Social Networking is addictive and very contrary to a lot of things I believe in…gone are the days of sitting down in the living room with a hot cup of chai and small eats for some wholesome gupshup with friends…it is too tiresome to actually get my behind up and into the kitchen to do something creative/productive. Instead I sit in my office space working and in my spare time, I become the voyeur…taking journeys into other people’s lives …watching relationship status change from Single to Married to It’s too Complicated; clicking through vacation pictures wondering why my vacation is so long overdue; seeing party pictures and wondering – why I don’t have such fun parties; my gag reflex working overtime on the overly philosophical and chweet status updates….and seriously dude I don’t need to know if you ate in your favorite sushi place for the nth time…my life does seem woefully mundane in comparison…early morning calls, lunch boxes for the 2 K’s, mindless staring at spreadsheets and contracts…oatmeal for brunch and the wildest thing I did today was dressing my little pumpkin up as a penguin and danced with him to an ABBA song…

Incidentally I watched the movie “Social Network” and living in the Silicon Valley, the implied net worth of a person in his tweenties (yes that is a play on twenty and teen :-) ) is suitably impressive. Yet, I do wonder if in the end the net worth covers and makes right the self doubt, self image issues and self centric decisions taken along the way…would I have done similar things for 1 Billion…don’t know…seriously I won’t even take the high road saying – that my ethic system is so strong that the money won’t make a difference…the real answer is I don’t know. So, do I have a right to judge…not really…am I going to judge…absolutely…
Here is something I read on a young blogger's website which I found chilling -

Sarah Jones murder mystery took a new turn today. Today, FBI submitted Facebook logs as proof against Mike in the court. Mike Johnson, a friend of victim Sarah, is now arrested with a charge of murder. FBI had him on his radar, but didn't have any proof against the guy.
But today, when FBI checked the Facebook logs they found the motive behind murder.
Following logs are submitted to the court -
Oct 1: "Mike and Sarah are now friends"
Oct 2: "Mike poked Sarah"
Oct 3: "Sarah poked Mike"
Oct 4: "Mike poked Sarah"
Oct 5: "Sarah poked Mike"
Oct 6: "Mike poked Sarah"
And then Sarah never poked back. And that, according to officials, is the motive behind the murder. Mike is currently arrested under first degree homicide.
So what were your thoughts on the movie “The Social Network”?

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