Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Morbid thoughts...partial isolation and sneezes & sniffles...

As I pushed myself to stretch beyond my comfort zone at my Yoga Class...my mind kept going back to circular thoughts related to work and home, thoughts that I was trying to push outside of my head...I wonder what people mean by - Mind going totally blank...I have tried to have the mind go totally blank and yet there is a random deluge of incessant thoughts that float persistently into my consciousness - the presentation to be completed, the meetings to be set up, what he said/she said, the car to be serviced, the bills to be paid, the kiddo's dinner, grocery, laundry...phew! I just get tired thinking about it...time for the corpse pose...MIND GO BLANK...GO BLANK!

I came back home this weekend  from my travels with a very bad cold, K2 was also sick...so we spent a lot of the weekend drinking hot soups and under the warm blanket ...partial social isolation...scary thought...I spent a lot of my spare time in the past with friends - confiding, sharing, empathizing...and it felt good. In these twelve months I have focused a lot more inwards...doesn't mean I have become self absorbed, just more self-aware (or so I hope...). I guess I will be back to being a quasi-social butterfly in the near future...but for now the isolation is comforting and comfortable. We took the in-laws to Turmeric this weekend. We then went grocery shopping at The Milk Pail and what a fun time I had shopping there...for all of $15 I picked up -
  1. 4 lbs of Organic Apples
  2. 4 lbs of Mandarins
  3. 1.5 lbs of Cucumber
  4. 1 lb of Baby Radish
  5. 1 pint of Grape Tomatoes
  6. 2 Orange Bell Peppers
  7. 4 Lemons
  8. 1 Bag of  Frozen Chocolate Croissants (check out how it looks !!!)
  9. 1 wedge of Sheep & Cow Gouda Cheese
  10. 3 Lbs of Zucchini ( free for any purchase over $10)

I almost sound like Frugal Fannie...but here is a wonderful, non-traditional independent grocery store that helps you live healthy even if you are on a budget. If you live in Mountain View or Sunnyvale and haven't visited The Milk Pail...you are definitely missing out...

Looking forward to Chinese New Year tomorrow. I  picked K2 some of the traditional chinese new year candy and cookies...he ate some but has kept some to share with his pre-school buddies at their Chinese New Year Celebration...xīn nián kuài lè  !!!

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