Thursday, April 14, 2011

Comfort Food,Fast.

A mother's gentle hand on the heated brow...
A cool breeze on a hot day,
A kind word on a hard day,
A warm meal on a cold rainy morning...
A hug from one's child.
Comfort can mean so many things...

This has been a quiet yet busy week, the air is rife with anticipation of things that are yet to happen. Last week saw me buy a beautiful yellow rose plant, a meyer lemon tree and a red chilly plant...I don't have green thumbs but I definitely look forward to these plants growing and flourishing. My son's pre-school had the year of the young we saw many avataars of K2.

Silly K2

Movie Star K2


K2, the Cowboy

K1 was MIA for 2 days at an offsite. On one of those cold days, my brother made me a simple meal of idli upma. We had picked up a packet of frozen idlis from the Indian store and voila! this meal was ready in less than 5 minutes.

You need :
6 Idlis (frozen or pre-made by you) - dont know how to make idlis - follow here.
Idli Karam Podi ( I usually get mine from Grand Snacks in Chennai but had run out so we brought some of Priya's from the Indian Store)
Curry Leaves
Hing, a teaspoon of ghee or oil and whole mustard seeds for tempering, salt to taste
Cilantro...chopped finely

To make:
Heat the ghee....add the hing and then the mustard seeds and curry leaves...when it releases a fragrant smell, add the idli (broken into small pieces). Add the Idli Karam Podi and mix. When the podi is incorporated into the mix, shut off your cooking range. Add salt to taste if required and the chopped cilantro. Eat while steaming hot...enjoy with a cup of hot indian chai.

For me this food defined comfort on a cold, wet day. This recipe for idli upma goes to Priya's Blog for the blog event - Fast Food Not Fat Food.

What have been your sources of comfort this week?