Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moonlight shines softly through...

the moon
shining softly
perfumed breeze wafting gently
summer garden filled with magic
tranquility is in the air
The beauty and tranquility around just inspires one to break into lyrics and take license with poetry...It's a hot evening, yet there is a breeze which gently brings with it some relief and wafts of fragrance from the wild jasmine and lavender growing around - I have a staring match with the lone heron which stands in the bay trying to catch a last bite before retiring for the night. It is but eight o'clock on a Saturday night, silence a comforting cloak, barely a soul outside to enjoy this extravaganza of sights, sounds and smells thrown by mother nature...the sun has chosen to retire and relinquish its position to Lady Moon and  beautiful moonlight shines through...soft light makes everything looks extra-special. Suddenly there is a crash that breaks into this moment of mental peace and beauty...uh oh K2 just crashed his bike into a worries, he got out of the incident unscathed but I am left with an indelible memory of  tranquility and beauty.

The week since we got back from cruising in Alaska has whizzed past non-stop. Back to school preparations, a lot of hot meals cooked ( rajma, kootus, uttapams, aloo postey, dalma, noodles, chutney...) and none blogged on just relished, some relaxed time spent with close ones, mindless movies watched and enjoyed ( Thank You, Break Ke Baad, Dabaang, Yamla Pagla Deewana)...summer is my favorite season for a reason. The frequent trips to the farmer's market - the fresh fruits and vegetables, the roasted corn on cobs...just that feeling that even when all things are not going right...they will eventually settle down to a pace that makes sense. K2 is growing up so fast, it makes me tired just watching - don't know where the past four and a half years passed by and now it's time for my little boy to go to kindergarten - a new chapter begins.
K2, that precocious, persistent, precious child took this wonderful picture on my phone on one of our long walks by the bay...this weekend and I had to show it off....

How has life been treating you?

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