Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Again...

As I was watching "You Again" a proverbial chick flick that I was enjoying with a cup of hot chocolate while the boys were busy washing the cars...there was a sense of dejavu...I remembered those miserable college days where I would enviously eye my nemesis cigarette toting  "D" who possessed a panache and experienced air that I lacked. She was surrounded by a crowd...always sharing gyan with that look of scorn for the likes of me...of course I behaved like it didn't matter but there were times when I wished I was less like me and more like her...time flew by rocket speed and suddenly I was a person who was comfortable in her own skin...yet "D" always remained a distant memory...even today every now and then I glance at the social networking sites and when I find her...I wonder if she is the same scary sort of a person she was :-)

Moving from scary people I knew in the distant past to a warm, caring and wonderful person I had met in my first year in the US, who had made me comfortable and been there when I needed a friend - I met JL after 9 years and it was as much an emotional reunion as a reunion of foodies. We ate at New Canton Restaurant, Straits Cafe, Langkawi,China Village, Moveable Feast and Briannas. It was with a full heart and an even fuller stomach that I bid adieu to JL  and Rishi (her son) on Saturday night. Sunday saw me making a trek after a 10 day hiatus to the Belmont Farmer's market

My picks included over 2 pounds of Okra (Bhindi), 2 bunches of beets, 1 big bunch of Carrots, Red New Potatoes, Baby Brussels Sprouts, Tomatoes, Daikon Radish, 2 Sinqua (Ridgegourd), Sweet Potatoes, Jalapeno, Plums and Champagne Grapes. Nothing cooked yet the plans are grand vegetarian meals including stuffed vegetable parathas for K2 (beets, sweet potatoes and carrots), Dal Palak, Bhindi Fry, Sinqua with Aloo and Postey, Roasted Cauliflower...we will see. Sunday and Monday were super relaxed...on to the next four week days.

To get my son to paint a dinosaur on his hand ( he obstinately refused to get his face painted) I got a beautiful flower painted on my arm...K2 loved his dinosaur...life is all about choices and paths taken and hopefully the path taken is an enjoyable, fulfilling one.


  1. very true what you said about choices in life
    Meenakshi there is an event food palette series rainbow colours in my site hope you get to participate

  2. Hi there, I did submit a recipe for your wonderful event - Black Rice Pudding :)...thanks for dropping by.