Friday, January 6, 2012

Another Year...Tratak

No resolutions resolutions broken --- what a wonderful concept!
Time spent with family, quiet walks, yoga classes, home cooked meals...K1 and K2 mostly in the heart of the city while I skirt the peripheries...the Kothrud....Kondhwa phenomenon. Yesterday in the yoga class, the teacher talked about Tratak - a form of meditation to enhance concentration by a steady gaze at a light source (in this case a candle). I felt the urge to move, blink and even itch (the imaginary mosquito buzzing near my cheek)...but I resisted the urge...I felt a strange sense of peace at the end of the 10 minutes.

There is a sense of contentment at seeing the papaya tree in the garden, heavy with fruits...why is it more satisfying to see the fruits on the tree vs. plucking and consuming them I wonder...

A morning walk can be mundane....but not one taken in the campus...I watch in wonder all the beautiful feathered creatures who call this campus their impulsive picture taken will be a memory of walks with Bapa in the morning..

Medical Store visits more the necessity now than an exception but the tame sheep adding the much needed comic relief as he almost chewed off Bapa's t-shirt....

When the boys (K1 and K2) made the trek from Kothrud to Kodhwa, here are the  chai time treats that I picked up for them ( the ladi pav was for the pav bhaji dinner)
This  year, I choose to feel gratitude for all the things small and big that have been bestowed on experiences one at a time...this year I choose to - Be Present.

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