Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Reluctant Yogi : Bending... not giving in.

“When I was a little girl, everything in the world fell into either of these two categories: wrong or right. Black or white. Now that I am an adult, I have put childish things aside and now I know that some things fall into wrong and some things fall into right. Some things are categorized as black and some things are categorized as white. But most things in the world aren't either! Most things in the world aren't black, aren't white, aren't wrong, aren't right, but most of everything is just different. And now I know that there's nothing wrong with different, and that we can let things be different, we don't have to try and make them black or white, we can just let them be grey. And when I was a child, I thought that God was the God who only saw black and white. Now that I am no longer a child, I can see, that God is the God who can see the black and the white and the grey, too, and He dances on the grey! Grey is okay.” 
                                                                                                   ---- A Wise Person

Younger - I was  inflexible...set in my beliefs of right and wrong, black and white...with age I have learnt to be more accepting of differences. Practicing yoga the past dozen plus years has taught me a few important lessons that I apply in my daily life ...some days are easier than others.

  1. Be Kind to yourself (and others) 
  2. Set your Intention (is your intention to learn, be happy, content...)
  3. Find your Balance - at times it may mean revving the pace and at times it might mean slowing down
  4. Be true to your self - this one is the hardest...we try so hard to fit into stereotypes vs. do what we really think we should be doing always worrying about consequences.
  Before you've practiced, the theory is useless. After you've practiced, the theory is obvious....

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