Monday, April 28, 2014

Infographics & a song stuck in my head!

“There's no limit to how complicated things can get, on account of one thing always leading to another.” 
                                                                                             ― E.B. White

I am in love with infographics - Isn't it way cooler to explain complex things using visual aids. I got hooked on to infographics last year with the pretty compelling Infographic Charts on Happiness from  Happify. So here's me dabbling on an Infographic on Child Obesity : Not Earth Shattering statistics but wholly my own super-excited about it.

When I was in India last month I got to see two movies (and two movies only!) with a feminist bend - Gulaab Gang and Queen. The latter appealed to me a lot more than the former - the character of Rani (Queen) was endearing and the metamorphosis of a naive girl to woman was totally heart tugging - "her life wasn't going as planned and yet it all worked out". This entire week there has been a song "stuck in my head" - playing on my headset in the office, in the car and anyplace else I cared to listen to it...and the video was shot in one of my favorite cities - Amsterdam (TDC  how I miss thee!)

Dinner today was on the fast lane (15 minutes to table) - EVOL Breakfast Sandwich, Fresh Mangoes and Oranges, Cucumber and Feta Cheese and Noosa Yogurt

Helped K2 prepare and practice for a presentation on "Gemstones", packed my office in less than an hour for my move later this week and  made my weekly to-do list. How is your week looking?

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