Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tanishq's Diamonds NOT a girl's best friend!

Tanishq the Indian's say is what Tiffany's is to the USA. Hear my story and you will definitely know that "Diamonds can be a girl's best friend but avoid Tanishq at all costs"

My 40th birthday which happened a couple years ago also marked the 1st year anniversary to losing my father and getting a promotion. Having lived a very minimalistic life until that point (and because my Dad was always urging me to do something special for myself) I was ready to  treat myself to something special to mark the milestone. I ended up buying myself a solitare diamond ring. It made me feel wonderful - a gift I bought for myself...no other person involved (almost like coming of age...). My ring was a great companion for 3 years. Two weeks back with normal use, my entire solitaire with it's cushion fell out of the ring setting. I thought the diamond was lost but with the help of some wonderful people I located the diamond (after 15 panicky minutes....can't imagine next steps if the stone was lost !!!)

 I contacted Tanishq hoping to understand next steps...the first tenet of their mission is - Total Customer Orientation... or so I thought. I was so wrong...

I sent my first email to a senior executive at Tanishq and heard nothing back and sent a follow-up email...NOTHING !!!

I am now getting my ring reset at a reputed local jeweller in San Francisco  and paying $300 ( ~ Rs. 20,000) for fixing poor quality issues of the manufacturer. The jeweller concluded that the workmanship on the ring was really shabby ( 2 solders where the ring needed 6 solders if we are getting technical) and hence the solitaire had fallen out...When I read forums on Tanishq, I saw this as a complaint that a lot of people had about stones falling out of the setting.

I want to highlight this as an example of not just NOT standing behind the quality of your work and brand but also of a total customer disorientation and apathy to what a customer is going through. If you are thinking of buying from Tanishq for brand name and reputation - take my advise look locally and pay lesser elsewhere...

Diamonds may well be a girl's best friend but as I have sadly discovered...not a Tanishq Diamond !!!


  1. wow.. that's bad.. but glad you found the diamond. Next time.. go to Bluenile. It's the best :)

    1. Thanks...yes it was a lesson well learnt and I usually do try and share my learnings :)...Sounds like a plan - I will check out Bluenile for my 50th ;-)

  2. Before the 1940s, there was no such thing as the diamond ring tradition. Diamonds were an incredible luxury, only owned by the extremely wealthy. An average salary worker didn’t need to propose with a diamond; any ring would do. After all, how is a diamond any different than a sapphire or an opal?
    See http://dailyutahchronicle.com/2015/10/22/advertising-is-a-diamonds-best-friend-the-great-scam-of-engagement-rings/

    1. True - it's very unattainability and sparkle was an instant lure ...for me it was the fact that - this girl can buy herself her sparkles , if you must ask me my second choice would be a Ruby...but the first one is always the sparkles...hype or no hype -- Thanks for reading Riz !!!