Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Social Networks...

A question plagues my mind constantly - How social am I as an individual? Having an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a masters in Organizational Behavior really gets the mental juices flowing from time to time...the constant knock!knock! in the mind gets tiring and no ready answers are available.
How do you describe social?
(A) The Amount of time you spend with people
(B) The number of friends you have on Facebook/the number of comments you get on Facebook
(C) The number of personal emails you receive in a day (no! junk email doesn't count)
(D) The number of evenings where you have plans and outings
(E) Social Events/Parties....
The list goes on...I find the idealogy behind the Six Degrees of Separation pretty creepy and at the same time profound...maybe the human web does exist. If it doesn't what is this attraction (correction!) addiction to being Linked in, Being Connected on Face Book....and if that is not enough creating more traffic with it my desire to be popular, my desire to exhibit my superior intellectual compentence (BS), my desire to be social, be heard...WHAT?
Anyway, at the end of the day, these social networks are a boon and a bane...they expose the sheer irrelavence of some of my activities (which I strive to tell myself are critical to my existence)....I am sure there are a number of you that agree with my viewpoint (and the fact that I care shows that I am far from the anti-social person, I would love to paint myself to be).
For now all I can say is that these Social Networks are making my evenings a little more exciting, I look forward to "Notifications" on Facebook or "Accepted" on Linked In...makes me feel a little bit more of a part of something a lot larger than me and makes me feel relavent and needed and wanted in the big picture..comprende?...if not go ahead update your status on Facebook, post some more pictures on Facebook...add some more connections on Linked In and you are on the path to Social Nirvana, that I still seem to be exploring...

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