Friday, January 29, 2010

Bonjour Froideur…

The past two weeks have been marvelously swift in passing by with a Whoosh…the non-stop rains, the thunders and hail storms very atypical California seem to be heralding an atypical year. With the incessant rain is this constant cold that permeates me to the very bones…I long for the Sun while holding on to a hot mug of miso soup and sniffling back an imminent sneeze (with my house heated up to 70 degrees). The weather here has been wet and gloomy and yet thrown into that mix is a trip out across the pond – to a place far away and the question I get from my son is – Mama, are you going to visit Santa (yeah! K1 put him up to it) and I say – No Sweetie - But maybe I will see a reindeer or two (at least on someone’s plate)…I definitely will stop complaining about 50 degrees when I am getting on a plane to go tomorrow to a place which is about 40 degrees colder…yikes!
Two important milestones happened this week – my Dad’s B’day and K1 and my 9th wedding anniversary. We spent some quiet time with my dad on Friday with a trip to the temple and dinner out at a wonderful Indian restaurant “Turmeric”. Saturday was a quiet day spent with the family and a few close friends. K1 was traveling Sunday which pretty much meant K1 and me were in different states for our wedding anniversary. Given his travel schedule and mine and K2’s sniffles, we have promised ourselves a night out in a week (touché)…he did UPS me a wonderful SLR camera, that I am sure I will take a lot of pictures with…

On a flight this week, I had the chance to read a book “Alone in the kitchen with an Eggplant”. A book with essays by people on their favorite foods when they are eating alone….I instantly remembered my favorite meal alone…so I will let you on to my secret – Maggie Noodles and Egg Bhurji…I can see some people go huh!

Maggie Noodles is the queen of noodles in India (all things this good have to be feminine)…just put in water and they are ready in 2 minutes (not very different from Ramen Noodles…but in my mind the best) -my flavor of choice Masala.
Egg Bhurji – a simple egg dish… also known as Indian scrambled eggs …I call it a work of art. Mine have Onions, Chillies, and Tomatoes and are garnished with Cilantro and Maggie Hot & Sweet…and the secret was the order of adding in the ingredients and letting your nose tell you when the dish was done…

The combination…a match made in heaven…my go to meal when I am alone in the house (which is seldom now)…even now as I sneak in some time alone listening to my son’s gentle snores…I think about the four packets of Maggie Noodles lying in the pantry and the brown eggs in the fridge…they are calling to me…yes! Miso Soup does leave you longing for something a little bit more substantial…any way what is your special go to meal when you are single…alone…?
P.S : Thanks to my friend D who confirmed that Froideur indeed means Coldness…and I can sound so frou frou…So I say it again – Hello Coldness! Here I come…


  1. Hey Meenakshi. Enjoyed reading your blog (for the first time). Very nice.

    I did want to make one correction, and in doing so, shattering your paradigm of "all good things must be feminine." The brand is "Maggi" and not Maggie, after the Swiss Julius Maggi who started the company in 1872.

    Notwithstanding, I really can't say without certainty that Julius Maggi was NOT "feminine" so until this is disproven, I guess you can continue your beliefs with conviction. :-)

    Ciao, ciao
    -- kevin-babu

  2. Kevin Babu,

    It has been long...I miss your wonderful fried plantains...
    The truth is Maggi in my head is always Maggie...a girl, I will still hold on to my conviction though I sit corrected on the spelling.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Miss you,JL and the good times in DC. Meenakshi