Sunday, August 29, 2010

Temperatures Rising

What happens when you put a really sick child and a doting mother in the same room…the above mentioned mother plying her young un with OJ, Pediasure, Rice Pudding etc. etc. What you get is a sick mother…over Friday, I felt like death warmed over, a throbbing headache, a really sore throat and a slow fever. I dragged myself to K2’s pre-school, picked him up and took him to the pediatrician…and then crawled into bed with a dose of Tylenol. Superwomen do exist – on Friday I was one…despite the fever and discomfort, I accompanied the 2 K’s to PF Changs for a dinner…K2 loved his “Flied Rice” and K1 was happy with his spicy Dali Chicken…and I was happy for having averted meal planning for Friday.
Came back home and took my temperature 101.5….hmm…I went to bed not a happy camper. Next morning my fever had steadily gone up to 102.something and that was when I called up my MIL (yes, she is the doc) and started on heavy duty antibiotics…fever was steadily rising and almost touching 103…the 2K’s were keeping K1’s cousin from Dallas entertained, while I was in the master bedroom, dozing, hallucinating and having bouts of self pity…all in parts or together. What I did realize was – I am a low maintenance patient…no complaints, no requests…at times I remember K1 coming in and saying – you need to eat something; however, I went with the tenets of Ayurveda for most of the day, no food just warm teas and fruit juices (Bossa Nova). The fever is down to 101 today, slowly and steadily on the path to Getting Better. K1 and I are giving K2, uncomplicated simple meals – lunch today was a Puran Poli ( a flatbread made with yellow lentils and jaggery); Breakfast was a Pediasure and a banana. No plans for the rest of the day except rest up…
I am reading 2 books right now- The Strength Finder 2.0, especially after a lot of urging from K1 who is a huge fan of the book. The second book is called “Hungry Monkey – A food loving father’s quest to raise an adventurous eater”…there is a nagging question in my head -Are you really what you eat or what you read ? What do you think?
I raise my Bossa Nova to temperatures NOT rising…and right now I feel like eating something hot and nourishing and what I want is a bowl of hot Pho Ga or JL’s wonderful Chicken Soup or my mama's cool hand on my warm head....

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