Monday, March 21, 2011

Business Travel

I remove my MBT shoes and stretch my abused feet a little…after 15 hours of constant wear, my feet ache and without a wink of shut eye my eyes water involuntarily…Business Travel my friends is much hyped. It is wonderful to watch acquaintances go – Wow! You are going to xyz country how exciting!

Yet, in reality I look forward to business travel with as much enthusiasm as I look forward to a tooth extraction. Let me enlighten you on some personal travel facts –

(A) I almost always end up traveling Economy

(B) I always either get a body check or a luggage check

(C) At the gate, I see tonnes of people being asked to make their hand baggage lighter (8 kgs is the limit, no more, no less)

(D) They invariably seat me near people with kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love K2 to pieces, but I don’t really think I want to go googly eyed over someone else’s crying kid on a long flight

(E) They always mess up and forget my Indian Vegetarian meal and offer me a cold unappetizing pasta towards the end

(F) No sleep, no in-seat entertainment system = Disaster waiting to happen

(G) Did I mention the constant jostling, feet stamping and apologizing that happens every time some passes by the aisle seat

(H) Unappetizing Airport Food – My mind goes chi chink! as I pay 16 Euro for a sandwich, chips and a juice

However, I am in my hotel now, which overlooks a beautiful albeit frozen sea (it’s all white) lying down on a bed that I did not make myself, eating a sandwich I did not make looking forward to the next couple intense days and honestly it ain’t that bad and there are parts that are very satisfying…now if only I could hug my little K2 and tuck the comforter on him I will be a happy camper.

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