Monday, March 28, 2011

Nothing but memories...

The last stroke of midnight dies.
All day in the one chair
From dream to dream and rhyme to rhyme I have ranged
In rambling talk with an image of air:
Vague memories, nothing but memories.
                                                                                                --William Butler Yeats

Fondness sometimes comes softly, you have memories of  dislike for a couple dishes...I was a tamil born confused oriya who absolutely adored her Dalmas, Kosha Mangsho, Thayir Sadam and Pickle, Mor Kolambu and Poriyals and the hot Indian Chinese (manchurians, american chopsuey and garlic chicken - how I miss you?)... being married to a Maharashtrian for a decade I  did not warm up to Marathi food initially but over time the simplicity of an amti, varan bhaat, radish koshimbir,simple potato fry and poha captured my affection. I couldn't still develop an affinity for Sabudana Khichadi, Thalipeeth and Pitle...however on my mil's recent trip to the US she has made me get over my animosity with Sabudana Khichidi and made me appreciate the flavors and nuances of this maharashtrian staple. We had Sabudana Khichadi as a part of our meal today  made with love by my mother in law.
What you need -
  1. 3 small vatis (125 grams) Sabudana (Tapioca ) - Soaked Overnight
  2. 1/2 vati  Crushed Peanut Powder - keep it coarse (25 grams)
  3. 1-2 Green Chillies
  4. 1 Boiled Potato
  5. Cilantro, Salt to taste, Lemon Juice to Taste
Step 1- Add the Sabudana to the Crushed Peanut Powder.
Step 2-  In the tempering - heat oil/ghee - add whole cumin seeds and then potato - fry till potatoes are nicely done.
Step 3 - Add the Mixture of the Step 1
Step 4 - Add Red Chilly Powder for the pretty red color (optional). Add Salt to taste and lemon juice to taste. Stir and cover till the khichadi is done
Step 4 - Add Cilantro for color and the flavor

Enjoy with a spectacular Cilantro- Fresh Garlic Leaves Chutney (recipe to follow in the next post) and plain yogurt. This recipe goes to PJ at Seduce your Tastebuds for the event which  was the brain child of Nayna - Flavors of Maharastra.

While I hibernate in my cave with a sick child (try 102/103 fever) and early morning calls ( try 5.00 AM)...the Sabudana Khichadi not only nourished my body but warmed up my soul...

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