Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morality tell me?

Life in my world is "black or white"....not too many shades of greys...either things are right or wrong --No two ways about it. Dan Ariely, the behavioral economist was incredibly insightful in one of his blog posts, he stated the results of a psychological test done by Joris Lammers and Adam D. Galinsky  - "when power (or lack thereof) was legitimate, the powerful also exhibited moral hypocrisy (being less moral themselves but judging others more harshly), while the powerless weren’t – just as before. But when power (or lack thereof) was illegitimate, the powerful didn’t show hypocrisy. In fact, the moral hypocrisy effect not only disappeared but was reversed, with the illegitimate powerful becoming stricter in judging their own behavior and more lenient in judging the others."

This week had been a slow journey to recovery...two visits to the Chiropractor ( this is a first !), endless hours in front of the computer working and mostly dates with ice packs and hot water bottles(blame it on a spasmed neck )...I was looking forward to the weekend with a lot more enthusiasm than most weeks...I spent Friday evening with K2 baking some amazingly light vanilla cupcakes (with almond milk and coconut butter). On Saturday morning after breakfast waffles made with an innovative "Batter Blaster"...I baked a batch of sinfully rich triple chocolate walnut this case it didn't matter if it was black or white...both tasted equally awesome.

We lazed around the house - our neighbors daughter J came over and played with K2 some and then for lunch we decided to head over to "Tava Indian Kitchen". A month back over a bowl of veggies and string bean chicken at Panda Express, A, K and I were discussing the "perfect" Indian restaurant that will fill a need in the US of A...almost an ala Panda Express or Chipotle...imagine my surprise when I saw that concept actually recreated by a bunch of young, enthusiastic and I think majorly cerebral did I say ...young uns ( they came by to ask us how the food was and for feedback : mine was add a kid's meal -- it's no fun sharing my bowl with K2). The food concept is fabulously simple...pick your base (rice bowl, salad bowl, bur-roti), pick your protien (paneer, chicken, lamb), pick your sauce ( tikka, lentils), add in the fresh veggies and your spice chutney (mild, medium, spicy, lava) --- if you so please make it a combo with (mango lassi or a soda) and naan chips. A and I loved the concept and the food -- K1 thought the food still needed more of an "Indian identity" and more indian flavors. K2 finished up all his mango lassi. While we were lazing around barking orders to K2 to drink less lassi and eat more food -- we watched the steady line of people streaked in Holi colors walk in for food...and then sitting behind us eating his rice bowl was no one other than Dan Ariely...was that predictably irrational or unpredictably rational...whatever it was, I was mighty happy to see one of the people I heard on Ted Talks in person enjoying a rice bowl at Tava just like is your weekend turning out? Isn't the sunshine gorgeous?

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