Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creativity Unleashed : A Doodle and a Poem...

"Vakratund mahakaay, Suryakoti samaprabha, Nirvighnam kuru me dev, sarvakaryeshu sarvada."-
O large-bodied Lord with a curved trunk, you who have the brilliance of ten million suns, I pray to you to always make all my activities obstacle-free."

Yesterday as I was sitting in a looooooong meeting, with my raspy throat feeling generally sick...I started thinking of  Ganesha...Who is Ganesha you ask me? He is my buddy...been by me all the years of my life, I rub his tummy anytime I get anxious or worried and I feel better, I make deals with him all the time (now you know if you see me talking to myself in the car), you might even see him around my house, my car, even my neck (the pendant on my chain) - he is the elephant god....the remover of all obstacles...and my not-so-creative self started doodling ( I even used the Orange, Blue and Yellow highlighters at my desk) is what I came up with (and yes I am very proud of it) and I gave it to K2 for safe keeping - Happy Ganesh Chathurthi !

When K2 was born  in 2006, I got 8 weeks of maternity leave and like some new mothers I was both overwhelmed and bored. In the nights I  took to this exciting hobby of blog hopping... During one such blog hop, I discovered a poetry competition that had been organized and I got hooked (JL do you remember?). Every week we were given a couple words and we had to come up with a poem around those words. The words for the first competition were - Changeling…Fury…Paramount…Aphrodisiac…Tantalizing…Shrouded…Weave…Engage...and Empower. I was very creative as a young girl but lost it somewhere along the way...this was my first effort at poetry (rusty with 15+ years of disuse)...

Looking at me with huge longing eyes was this wee changeling...

Standing half drenched in the fury that the skies had unleashed...

Her hair unkempt, her body so thin that the ribs one could count.

I looked away from that barely shrouded picture of poverty...

She showed me a glimpse of a world I did not want to see.
Weaving her way unsteadily to me,
She stared at prosperity a tantalizing bait of things unknown
Yet paramount in her was the need to survive,
Looking in through the windows of my fancy car,
She implored with her expressive eyes..and I drove away...
Leaving behind a trail of dirt.
Money... my ultimate aphrodisiac,
Why should I engage in this fruitless battle with my conscience,
When I could empower my capitalistic self to multiply,
In my world, there is no time for pity....

So there...don't you think this is Creativity Unleashed....well you ain't heard the last of it...


  1. Happy Ganesh Puja, Meenakshi! Wow, you have a lovely space - liked your posts related to Happiness and Unhappiness! Very true - I try to practise the same and proud to say that I almost know how to take care of my state of mind! Much better than say a few years ago, most definitely! Look forward to read more from you and stay in touch - good luck! Have a great day!

  2. Happy Ganesh Puja Pragyan...look forward to staying in touch!