Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lost my voice...found my mind !

Did you know "low sodium" makes a person disoriented and hallucinate...I didn't. My Bapa is back in the hospital since Monday (low platelet counts, high potassium, low sodium)...and things are not going that well with him (and being so far away is hard). To top that off  K1 has been travelling the past 2 weeks  to China and then India (back home today...TG!). Add to that equation K2 was down last week with a flu and an ear infection and this week there was his mom who caught the flu but it progressed on to get the picture, not a happy two weeks. It has been a blur of work stuff,  homework, dinners, some kiddie activities, nyquill, heavy duty prescribed cough suppressants  some sinus spray and infrequent watching of Grimm - Season 1 when the young one is fast asleep...yup that is how exciting things have been around our block...and Happy Valentine's Day to you too...

Yes losing my voice in the past 2 days has been a wake up call of sorts for me - a time for me to shut up and listen (listen to others and myself) - Quieten the monkey chatter in my head and put the fears to rest...and listen to that "little" voice which is trying to make sense of all this nonsense. This article by Beth Comstock (CMO, GE) helped me at work quite a bit...I had the luxury of not talking and listening gave me a different perspective which was refreshing. A book - Heal your Body A-Z- I had read about a year back gave me another interesting said Pain in the throat can potentially mean - a situation or a person you can't swallow or make peace with. In my case it's not a person, it is a situation and I am trying hard to make peace with the situation, its one well out of my control and I am having a hard time rationalizing things in my head. Yet there are three key learnings for me :
  • Losing my voice, made me listen to that little voice inside that has been trying to express itself. Listening to that little voice is making me confront my "fears of cancer"...I am not saying I have 100% rationalized things...but I am in the present rolling with the curve balls being thrown my way today vs. trying to plan for the curve balls tomorrow
  • Losing my voice made me read a lot more and I caught up on quite a few books on my book list the past 2 weeks.
  • Losing my voice has made me embrace silence  with a fervor previously unknown to me...Why in the world do I think I need to talk so much when I can get so much done with such few words?
So how has your week played out so far...anything lost or have you found something?

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