Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Simple Gratitude : Traveler's Journal

"We are all travelers in this world. No matter where we are now, we can't stay.
 Nonetheless, every living being in this world makes a home somewhere, When constantly moved on when one wants to stay is deeply disturbing. In fact, the word, "travel" derives from the word, "travail," which comes from the Latin, trepalium - "instrument of torture."
                                An Email I received today from a Krishna Bhakti Group

Jan 16th - Simple gratitude that I got a direct flight to Pune with an aisle seat
Jan 17th - Simple gratitude that I have a supportive husband who managed 12 days without me with a first grader.
Jan 19th (lost a day to time change) - Simple gratitude that I had the energy to take a shower and get to the hospital the moment I landed in Pune (3.30 AM)  and see Bapa.
Jan 20th - Simple gratitude that I got to attend a satsang session where the discussion was (what-else?) - Who am I?  I got to see a vendor make steaming hot masala dosas and ate a few bites to no dire consequences

Jan 21st - Simple gratitude for the Monday evening hug from my pretty niece and a relaxed yoga class with my teacher in India - HariOm
Jan 22nd - Simple gratitude for a soft balmy day...perfect for the 30 minute Auto ride to the hospital and for that hot cup of  cardamom chai (so what if it was machine made) at the hospital canteen

Jan 23rd - Simple gratitude that my father had a birthday celebrated...so what if it was in the hospital. I also had a wonderful darshan at Dagdusheth
Jan 24th -Simple gratitude to the two young men from Helpshift who came forward and donated blood for my dad's transfusion
Jan 25th - Simple gratitude to A, my sis-in-law for ordering desi chinese - it hit a spot.
Jan 26th - Simple gratitude for the 12 years of married life with K1 and all the learnings it brought along. Did I mention it was India's Republic Day ( here is a rangoli, I saw a woman handcrafting outside the hospital)

Jan 27th - Simple gratitude for rising platelet counts
Jan 28th - Simple gratitude for a home cooked hot meal eaten at home cooked by Ma and a wonderful wonderful pedicure.Time to say goodbye to Bapa and Pune. The doctor did say Bapa could go home tomorrow....

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