Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Green, Red and Orange...

“The thing is you never get used to it, the idea of someone being gone. Just when you think it's reconciled, accepted... something reminds you, and it just hits you all over again of what you lost”                                                              
I counted 46 buds on my rose bushes with K2 yesterday...not bored, just desperately trying to hang on to a semblance of normalcy and someone asked me last week - what the heck is normal anyway?...Spring is definitely in the air. And there are a lot of kitchens celebrating spring with bright colors, vibrant renditions of loved foods.When I was a child I remember eating greens at least 4-5 times a week and it was comfort food for me...every time I smell crushed garlic cooking in oil, it takes me back to the time when Ma insisted on - clean plates, eating quickly and eating as much veggies as rice...I complained then but feel a little sheepish as I do the exact same thing with K2...the joys of parenthood.

Why this particular green and why particularly now...because it was Bapa's favorite version and I am in a very clingy sort of a mind frame (not to people, just to memories). I remember Bapa loving the trips to the farmer's market here exactly 3 years back - going stir crazy for the greens (Ma loved the persimmons...which I can understand, you don't get persimmons in India).I picked up a bunch of the red greens at the farmer's market along with a slice of brightly hued orange pumpkin and as the crushed garlic perfumed the air...I felt the memories rush in...mostly the good ones and I realize that I still miss him...but it is ok.

You need for  Saago Kakharu Bhaja (Fried Red Greens with Pumpkin)

  1. Your favorite kind of greens (go for Red Amaranth if you are looking for direction, look for the super fresh, super tender greens) - cleaned and cut
  2. Small Slice of pumpkin (orange for the color effect) - diced small
  3. Garlic (Half a head) , Panch Phutono, Dried Chili
  4. 1 tbsp Mustard Oil (most people use way more, I use oil very sparingly)
Heat the oil. Add the Paanch Phutono. Let it sizzle and make some music. Add in the crushed garlic and the dried red chili...once the garlic lets out the wonderful smell, add the pumpkin. When the pumpkin is half cooked add in the greens and let it cook for a while...add Salt to taste...enjoy with a hot bowl of rice and dal  (sometimes I can have it just by itself).

Spring...I know you are here,
The grass is a deep green,
And as the sun sets a flamboyant orange...
I gaze at the stunning red rose in the garden,
At peace...not yet,
But there is a sense that the mind will ease off the pain,
And visit happiness & peace.

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