Friday, May 10, 2013

Tentative Parenting : Calumniating Cheetos and a Compromise!

I need to start eating healthy, but first I need to eat all the junk food in my house so it's not there to tempt me anymore.

 I am going a wicked shade of red as I write this post...not because I am uncomfortable  that I visited the golden arches (yes! it was for an Egg White McMuffin if you are interested and it was awesome) but that I did it twelve hours after sermonizing my poor impressionable 6 year old on the evils that are propagated by eating processed and fast foods.... 
Here is how it all began : K2 has never eaten Cheetos and has watched his BFF eat Cheetos  about 2-3 times during lunch every week...his crunchy snack is usually apple slices or carrots. As we walked down the aisles at Whole Foods, a whiny voice next to me says - Mama but you promised you will look for it....(remember the half-hearted promises you make when you are half engrossed in some To-Do list for work)...but of course Whole Foods does not carry Cheetos, so we made the trek to Target where we picked up a tiny bag of Cheetos ( 2 for $1)...the only flavor available in a bag that small was "Flamin' Hot" (can you hear the evil laugh my inner-self gave) that is the one I bought for K2. That guy who complains about the turmeric and cumin powder in his lentil soup quietly finished the damn fiery packet of Cheetos without a squeak (I saw him gulping down 2 glasses of H2O ). What are Cheetos you ask me?

Cheetos is a brand of cheese-flavored, puffed cornmeal snack made by Frito-Lay...what strikes me the most about this snack is its violent orange/ in our case red color ( that is so obviously not from a food source). I think there are plans to ban Cheetos in California as a certifiable health hazard. And, hey, with each bag clocking 26 grams of fat and 25 percent of the recommended daily intake for salt -- not to mention the questionable dyes and fillers -- this ban couldn't have come sooner. K2 agreed that the pack of Cheetos he had was his first and last....and because he ate the Cheetos, he agreed to try a new vegetable yesterday - it was Turnip ( I roasted it in a pan with sea salt and Olive Oil...he ate it all).  He also agreed to eat healthy for the rest of the week as compromise. He is really loving Amy's Mattar Paneer - so I make sure I give that to him at least once a week ( he had it twice this week)....he thinks it is a treat, I  think it is a super healthy meal - talk about win-win.

I am liking this compromise...

News on my end - I got this detox  pack from Costco, unfortunately while I was at Costco, I also got the big bag of Aidells Chicken Meatballs, Mary Gone Crackers, Amylu Chicken Burgers and a big hunk of the Catch 22 is that no diary, meat or caffeine allowed for 2 days before I go on my detox plan....every time I get off my black tea, the headache is unbearable and I need my cuppa fix or poke someone in the wonder that quote above called to me this week. 

What are your weekend plans? Plans for today are : a ginger beer, a plate of crackers from Mary Gone Cracker with Habanero Cheddar and a couple episodes of Grimm. I have signed up for three online courses on Coursera (2 on Nutrition and one on Leadership) and another online course on Bhagvad Gita...every one of them have quizzes and assignments the cup runneth full.  K2 has a crystal mining set that I want to help him with over the weekend....maybe a hike and picnic if the weather permits...

Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom and all the wonderful Mothers out there. 

p.s : Incidentally, today marks 2 months since Bapa passed away. I have been missing him but time and the business of busy  living has made me put the pain behind and focus on finding peace. It is a hard thing to do but as I said before it's all about baby steps.

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