Friday, May 3, 2013

Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss

My son's favorite book when he was 3 was "Cat in the Hat", 4 was "Green Eggs and Ham", when he was 5 "Lorax" it any surprises that I wished him Dr.Seuss style for his 6th Birthday. Truth be told I got hooked on to Dr.Seuss when he turned 3 - Cat in the Hat taught K2 on how he could use his imagination and have fun...Green Eggs and Ham taught him the lesson of persistence and how he needed to keep an open mind (with new foods)...and this was about the age he was getting picky about vegetables and everytime I read him Green Eggs and Ham...I could slip him an extra serving of Spinach, Zucchini or Broccolli. With Lorax he learnt the importance of nature and mother earth and the need to protect it... I love the fact that the stories are so light-hearted and yet have so much to is something fun I read this week and shared with K2 with some caveats :)

 #2 is awesome and all that...but if you stick out too much friends will be a scarce I do want my son to have his unique wonderful, sunny personality but draw a line at extremely quirky behavior (Catch 22 right..I say fine balance). #4 is awesome in theory but in practice...try it without hurting people or being boorish...with K2 and his warm nature...not a difficult life lesson to learn...he knows how to "get along".

My favorite Seuss book is - oh! Say can you Say....I would read this over and over again to K2 and still have the tongue trips with the twists ....what is your favorite Dr.Seuss...?

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