Friday, January 1, 2016

The Reluctant Yogi : Be Still Life...

“Age has given me what I was looking for my entire life - it has given me me . It has provided time and experience and failures and triumphs and time-tested friends who have helped me step into the shape that was waiting for me. I fit into me now. I have an organic life, finally, not necessarily the one people imagined for me, or tried to get me to have. I have the life I longed for. I have become the woman I hardly dared imagine I would be.”                                   ― Anne LamottPlan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

 I am definitely one of those Type A personalities who doesn't know when enough is enough - in fact I used to relish that sense of "busy-ness" and it was a boost to my needing to feel important. In the past couple weeks, this mini-vacation at home has made me rejoice in the "art of doing nothing". Yet, on Dec 31st I had a crazy crazy schedule ...what you don't believe me (I do keep to-do lists)

My AHA moment - I need to slow down the pace of life  and enjoy just being. 

Lately one way that I have slowed down is - I have taken to just dropping into a 10 minute Supta Baddha Kona Asana ( they call it the Yoga vacation pose).You may find Supta Baddha Konasana to be a good stretch, especially through the hips. But in the end, this pose is not about stretching or doing anything; it’s about letting go of needing to achieve a deeper stretch, or your busy life’s goals—and finding contentment. That is my mantra for 2016.

Here, K1 and I end  the year with Urdhva Dhanurasana (Full Wheel), a wonderfully energizing pose that - strengthens the spine, opens up the heart, enhances the immune and nervous system, removes excess fat from the abdomen region (yes!), reduces the onset of osteoporosis. We had great fun practicing the Asanas with K2 yesterday. Hoping we continue this into the new year.

New is the year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits, and new are my warm wishes just for you. Have a promising and fulfilling New Year (from our family to yours)

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