Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of love...(and some Dal Baati Churma!)

A little bit of love, can go a long way sometimes 
A little bit of love is really all you need
When life gets tough you need
A little bit of love sometimes

This was the week when Celine Dion's song kept playing on and on in my head - It was definitely a hard week - you know the hard ones where your body is screeching slow down and the routine speeds up...sudden deliverables galore, a last-minute customer presentation, customer escalations, dreary number crunching , people putting you in a box ( no one puts Baby in a corner!) ...and the constant snack and lunch box packing and the dinner  routine AND suddenly you are ready to scream - Enough! A Vacation right about now sounds like such an amazing idea. 

Did you know I always always wanted to vacation in Rajasthan - it's one of those wonderful states in India that I never ever visited. I will get there one of these days...this video sort of sealed the deal for me (what can I say I am a very visual sort of a person :-) )

In the interim I had a mini food vacation to Rajasthan. My friend "S" has her Ma visiting and in the past couple weeks I have been showered with a lot of affection and the most amazing food (stuff I have never really eaten before) like Dal Dhokli and Dal Baati. 

As I ate the Dal Baati today there was a flavor explosion in my mouth - Aunty had - stuffed the bati with mashed potatoes and peas - boiled them and then baked them in the oven. She slathered ghee on Baati and then you crushed it and ate it with the dal (lentils soup) - it was definitely a "vacation" at home kind of an experience for me (and after the hard grueling week - this is exactly what I needed!)

Our vacation memories always include food, where we ate it, who we ate it with, how we felt when we ate the food and the flavors we enjoyed - we are always able to recreate that wonderful feeling of warmth, love and memories through food. And sometimes all you need to make that hard week go away is a little bit of love and some amazing food !!!

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