Thursday, September 28, 2017

Troublesome Thursdays!

Fate is like a strange, unpopular restaurant, filled with odd waiters who bring you things you never asked for and don't always like.                                                                                              --Lemony Snicket
Thursdays are always a drag for me NOT starts off at a crazy pace for the week - at work, the school lunch run, the hundred other little things that need to be completed. My Thursday started of with a "series of unfortunate events"...the racoons getting into our garbage and having a midnight party...which means you are on your hands and knees picking up garbage first thing in the morning (yeah! yeah! I would rather you picture me in an LBD with perfectly coiffed hair and a moisturized made up face ;-) ), the HOA gardner blowing all the leaves on to my clean porch (what!) and my son losing the binder that had an important paper he had to return to hour into the morning and I am ready to jump into bed and pull the comforter over my head and will the day away...

Then slowly things right themselves out and I have the chai made, a load of laundry running, the son's hot chocolate is on the table, the instant pot did it's magic with my 15 minute sambar on the side and my son's  lunch box was a yes on the checkbox and soon I was off to work and with hours of work down my belt...yup! all is right in my world now and I am ready to face the rest of the day. And while I take a quick walk after lunch, this beautiful view is what I get to see "every single day at work" for that I feel #gratitude

I am excited for this week to be over and the next one to begin - I will be attending the GraceHopper Conference in Orlando ( Thanks MC for making this a reality for me :)) and I can't wait to hear all those amazing women in tech share their ideas.

15 Minute Sambar

You need :
  • Chopped Onion (1/2), Chopped Garlic (3-4 Pods), Chopped Tomato (1)
  • Frozen Vegetables Bag from Whole Foods (Carrots, Peas and Beans - 1/2)
  • 1 cup Toor Dal (soaked in hot water)
  • Aachi Sambar Masala (Indian Store)
  • Imli Pichku ( pouch of tamarind )
  • Other items : Turmeric Powder, Hing, Whole Mustard, Curry Leaves, Ghee
Steps :

  1. Turn the IP to Saute Mode -  Add in 1/2 spoon ghee, add the hing, now splutter the mustard seeds and curry leaves. 
  2. Add the Chopped Onions and Garlic and brown it in the instant pot.
  3. Once onions are browned, add the turmeric, aachi sambar powder, chopped tomatoes, frozen veggies and soaked dal. Add 2.5 cups of water, more if you like your sambar a watery consistency
  4. Give it a whirl, add salt to taste and the tamarid paste
  5. High Pressure 7-10 minutes (depending on how mushy you want your sambar - I tend to go longer) - No Release
Once done - enjoy a bowl  by itself, its delicious, my dinner usually is a big bowl of Sambar and a cup of greek yogurt. It's really filling.

Tips & Tricks : 

  1. Double the Quantity and save some for the next day! I always do and it tastes better
  2. Pack Quinoa and Sambar for a quick hot lunch for your kids (add a dollop of ghee, they need it)
  3. Add a cup of Quinoa and an extra cup and half of water - it's an easy version of BesiBelaBhaat

How has your Thursday been going...:)

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