Sunday, July 29, 2018

She Loves Me...She Loves me NOT....

If you can dream it,
You can do it...
Yet there are things I refuse to make in my Instant Pot,
As much as I love it...and I have owned mine for over 3 years...
Today is Sunday and I had no intentions of cooking...just watching Ready Player One with the boy and eat out. But on top of my mind were these two bananas in the fruit bowl that had reached their peak and I didn't really want to throw them away. So I ended up picking up a recipe from the trusty internet and firing up my oven (NOT my Instant Pot) and ended up baking two not one cake.

So here are things I would rather not make in my Instant Pot (or I have tried them a couple times and they were epic fails!
  1. Adrak Wala Chai: I use grass-fed organic milk and organic ginger and two times out of three the milk now I stick to making my chai cuppa on the stovetop with my trusty old saucepan
  2. Cakes & Bakes: I usually end up getting a mush vs. the magic (like the picture above) which I have started taking for granted.
  3. Dosa Batter: Honestly I see the number of cry's for help with the over-poofed up Dosa Batter and I refuse to put my Instant Pot through that abuse :-)
  4. Poriyals (quick vegetable stir-fry): I  do feel the poriyals (cabbage, carrot, beans etc.) that I make in my wok on a gas flame taste so much better than what I make in the instant pot!
  5. Mac & Cheese : now now I see all the wide-eyed disbelief but I have managed to muck up this recipe in the Instant Pot...I prefer making it on the old-fashioned stove top
  6. Ghee: I make Ghee twice a year with grass fed organic unsalted butter and I tried making it one of those times in the Instant Pot but honestly liked the end product from my  stove-top version better!

Here are the things that I will cook every-day in my Instant Pot :
  1. Steel-Cut Oats
  2. Dal/Lentils/Sambar/Chana/Rajma
  3. Soups & Stews
  4. Wet Curries - Anda Curry, Aloo Matar, Matar Paneer
  5. Pastas 
  6. Grains - Quinoa, Barley
  7. Kheer - Oats, Quinoa, Dalia 

So I know you love your IP but are there things you will not make in your Instant Pot?

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