Saturday, May 16, 2009

Around the world on five dollars...

This week was long and hectic. We had a work meeting that was 3 days between the presentations, meetings, roadmap reviews, other miscellaneous reviews and team dinners, there wasn't much time left over to relax. I did get the chance to hang out with two ladies whom I really like E & M...and met some new colleagues face to face whom I really liked.

I had some really good food and some really bad...we were at this brewhouse called Tied House in Mountain View which had bar food -- greasy garlic fries, fried calamari, grilled chicken sausage...the list went on. I had a margharita and grilled Salmon and woke up in the night with a splitting day I hung out with my favorite ladies at Xanh...I stuck to a green tea and clay pot cod...great ambience and even better company. Next day saw me,M & D at Shana Thai brainstorming on our strategies for an upcoming presentation and I was so happy that it was time already for the weekend.

In the evening on Friday, I did some basic grocery shopping (organic milk, bread, Egg Whites etc), ate some spicy chaat (don't know what Chaat is ...check here), went for a relaxed walk and watched "Traitor" (yes, the one publicised by Michael Savage).

Today, K1 took K2 to the gym while I relaxed around the house and watched a recorded "Medium" episode. We went to the "Immigrants Festival" at the Redwood City Courthouse -- where they had food from China, Mexico, Japan, Philipinnes, Basque (Spain), Italian, Portugal and India. We got 2 tasting cards for $5 each (each worth 7 tastes) and began our vacation. I absolutely loved the Italian Sausage and Polenta, the cheese and custard tart from Portugal and the lamb stew at the Basque station. K2 loved the cheese, the breads, the lumpia...we filled our tummies, watched some cultural shows - Portuguese Singing, Basque and Mexican Dancing...the heat chased us away to Jamba Juice (it was 100 degrees outside)...I am lying in my cool soft bed watching Winnie the Pooh with K2...his idea of heaven. Here's to more adventures with food, family and friends....

p.s - this is a picture of the basque lamb stew from one of the wonderful food blogs

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