Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anchors Away & an Award !!!

My definition of seventh heaven - A walk in the park with my toddler, watching him play with the almost tame ducks, watch him drawing uneven circles with sidewalk chalk...and having him steal half my icecream (Nestle, Triple Chocolate).

The last 2 weeks were hectic...what with a move, a toddler with bronchitis and 2 disorganized people trying to get organized. We did end up moving - I lost a couple pots and pans...and the famous pressure cooker I blogged about a month back...was I heart broken -- YES!!! I did have my friend P loan his trusty pressure pan to me and glad to report that things worked out.

Work wise things have been working out great. The service I launched 2 months back is slowly gaining popularity and the number of users on the service is growing leaps and bounds. We have won an internal award and are the finalist for another one...the team is motivated to make things happen...and in my dictionary -- that is a perfect 10.

Yet there is an inertia settling in and I need to shake it up...maybe it is the tired body rebelling from the move...Mother's Day was uneventful...no breakfast in bed...just a tired Product Manager surfing amazon for the best deals on weighing scales...no haven't gained weight...just lost my old weighing scale in the move.

Today my plan is to lay in bed and watch the past episodes of "Medium" that I recorded and relax with a cuppa of peppermint tea. Here's to new beginnings...

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