Monday, April 27, 2009

Creativity Unleashed - Part 2

If you have been following my blog you know what this is about...if you are at a loss, you can go back and read the post Creativity Unleashed ;-)

The 2nd Poetry Competition was tougher...there was a word Consigliore which I had never heard off ...this poem I named Obsession...Enjoy
A love so deep, in a heart so tender,
Enslaved was I, my soul captured…
The rapture of first love captivating me such,
No other reality did exist.
Yet something was missing,
You saw me as your consigliore,
Someone you could lean on,
You liked the absolute oblation of self,
Yet your freedom you chose to keep,
In walked that handsome stranger,
And you decided to walk into the sunset with him,
The shaft of hopeless love pierced deep through my soul,
Slowly draining the life from my being
The shared sense of ethos dying a painful death,
A broken raft lost in the stormy sea…
I consoled myself with thoughts of revenge,
Fueling the monstrous beast within…
The sun was shining brightly,
I walked up to you my darling,
You were with your lover smiling radiantly,
You looked at me with your dark beautiful eyes,
The jealousy corroding like acid
I picked up the 38 and aimed,
In the end all that remained was a pool of blood…

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