Thursday, April 23, 2009

Luck By Chance

Every storm has to lighten out, die down, wash out to nothingness...and all that is left to remind you of the storm is a whitewashed clean, moonlit beach. How do I know - I used to sit in the verandah of my parent's place in Chennai -- watching the rains, thunder and storms...and the peace after. Life follows an analogous path...sunshine, rain,storms and then peace.

We had a busy week and a busier weekend...we unwound with an atypical Hindi movie - Luck By Chance. It was thought provoking -- talking about a man who charms, manipulates and weaves his magic through Tinsel Town, not believing in luck but his success rest in but the charmed vagaries of lady luck....on his way he tramples a few friends and his love and in the end he is at the pinnacle of success but all that enough?

Craig's List has been my new best friend...the source of offering up all our wonderful treasures that we have accumulated over the years that we finally need to get rid off -- the 3 TV stands (all unused because of course the TV is mounted on the wall), my wonderfully traditional Coffee table that doesn't fit in with our new design study table which stood me good stead when I got my straight A's in school...need I go on...

The next couple weeks will be exciting and interesting and I will definitely keep you posted...

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