Thursday, April 9, 2009

Deconstructing a Rainbow

Do you have mornings where you get up with a heavy head and a cotton wool feeling in your mouth and a urge to snuggle back under the comforter and not have to get up. I had one such moment last week on Thursday. My wonderful 2 year old had obligingly passed along his cold germs to me...score! The weather did not really help, it was cold, raining and gloomy and the feeling of funk was settling on thick. It did not help that everyone at work went - Why M -- you are looking sick, and I felt sicker. We haven't really been eating very healthy this week. We have eaten out a lot more this week...we have tried to keep it light on Oil and salt.

Friday was a quiet day, and we spent a lot of time watching HGTV and watching the home transformations...Saturday was rushed. We took some measurements for new furnitures, rushed K2 to his Little Gym and ate some really greasy chinese dimsum for lunch. Dinner was light - a miso soup, fruit and a yogurt. I got up in the morning feeling relaxed and made some french toast for Krish (with vanilla, cinnamon and free range organic brown eggs). We had some poha for brunch and pretty much relaxed at home. No customary trip to the farmers market today. Dinner was grilled fish with mushroom rissotto and some greens. Work will be busy goodbye weekend and hello Monday...

Monday and Tuesday last week were wet and gloomy, dampening the spirits. However while we were coming back from work we saw the sun burst valiantly through the dark crowds even with the steady drizzle of the showers...and voila there was a beautiful was uplifting and heartening. Here's a picture I took on my E71 from the did you capture your rainbow today?

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