Sunday, March 7, 2010

I am too sexy for my shoes...

Remember the Right Said Fred song - Too Sexy for my Shirt...too sexy for my shirt...well today as I was going to the Farmer's Market, I felt that way about my heavy, clunky, bright red MBTs which were getting a lot of indiscreet attention - I saw at least four pairs of eyes look at them and quickly look away...(what can I say...I am very observant). Today, I was in no mood to be judged and loved the wobbly feeling of trying to balance on these with a defiant look at no one in particular and the Fred song playing in my head I went on with my life...
What are MBTs you ask? You can see it here
Bottom Line is I love these shoes -- yes they are ugly, pretty conspicuous and wobbly but once you get used to life with a little bit of wobble...things start looking up. Wonder how my Dad feels about his MBTs now?
My little sister visited us from Ohio last weekend and we did some of the usual things - pictures at Pier 39 and Stanford...and some not-so-usual things - hang out at home with a goofy K2, bake rye animal muffins for above said, take a long walk along the bay trails...we also had some Malaysian, Indian (Hyderabadi to be precise), Greek and Mexican was fun and K2 still misses his Mausi. I am still missing my parents but we have got the hang of Google Video Chat (thanks to lil' sis) now so Bapa and Ma are able to see K2 up to all his pranks...the latest is his rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as a "Potty Song"...don't ask and I won't tell more !!!
The week was very busy with lots of deadlines which I managed to keep (only barely)...Friday saw us in G's house enjoying good company and very relaxed. We pretty much stayed home most of yesterday...I did make a Pav Bhaji and that has been our dinner yesterday and lunch today...we also went down to Toys R Us yesterday and bought K2 his first grown up cycle complete with a helmet and foot pads...he is super excited. We went down to the Farmer's Market this Sunday Morning and picked up a sourdough baguette, pumpkin cake and a tomato mozzarella foccacia bread from Beckmann; half a dozen organic brown eggs, brocolli, bag of salad greens, a bunch of Yu Choi (greens), new potatoes and carrots.

I miss my parents every time I go down to the Farmer's Market . I really enjoyed the farmer's market trips with them and enjoyed all the wonderful food my mother created from the fresh produce . I have only this week (inspired by Ma) started creating a lot of smoothies much to K1 and K2's dismay....I made an Avocado Smoothie yesterday with Avocado, Fat free Milk and Agave Nectar...not a big hit with the boys but they drank it anyway...breakfast today was a milk free smoothie with Orange Juice, Apples, Bananas and Wheat Germ...

How was your weekend?

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