Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wednesday is not such a bad day...

Wednesday brings with it the anticipation that it will be time for weekend soon…it’s not like Monday morning which heralds the beginning of a busy new week…or definitely not Sunday where there is a sense of deflation that the two days of respite have whizzed by into nothingness….
As I sit relishing a hot plate of brown basmati rice with spiced chickpeas (cooked with Indian spices but with a little bit of coconut milk laced in which makes your taste buds sit up and think) and greens (Chinese broccoli stir fried with Onions, Garlic and Jalapeno)…I am thankful for this relaxed and comforting meal at home…K2 is upstairs splashing in the tub. He will soon be down and I will have to get his dinner ready.
Recent events in life have made me more keenly interested in Health and Diet…of course it is another issue that it has made me extremely aware of the fact that - I can plan but the ultimate course of action is already decided…doesn’t mean I don’t still plan (and like a typical product manager I also have contingency plans)…but I have made myself more open to experiences. This has been a week of experimenting with smoothies for breakfasts. We have blended apples, bananas, oranges and papaya in different combinations with wheat germ for a stomach satisfying breakfast this past week. This week has also been the week of baking disasters – I tried to bake myself a rye Foccacia and what I got instead was a hard piece of dense dark “thing” no one could eat…I consoled myself by going to the farmer’s market and picking up a packet of double chocolate cookies and lemon currant scones…
We took K2 to Pasta Pomodaro last week and we discovered his affiliation for Ravioli stuffed with spinach…K1 has been taking K2 cycling this weekend. We visited our friends R& M on Saturday…the past 3 days have whizzed by…busy. I did pick up one of my doodles from 3 years back aptly titled “Musical Chairs”…Enjoy

Do you ever wonder about the vagaries of Corporate Existence?
A lot of jostling and rumblings…a lot of whispers and smirks…
You ignore the noises; you turn a deaf ear to the voices,
And you do what your mind and heart tell you is right,
Yet you have outside voices trying to override your conscience.
Positioning, Pontification and Politics – Practice makes man perfect…
Where do I fit in this game…an in player or out…
The music is playing…I see some empty chairs,
But the mind is sick and the heart is weary….
I slow down my pace as I watch the other faces,
Some filled with a fanatical determination to sit down first,
Others anxious and hopeful that they get a seat….
Others walk like zombies with no choice…
I stop…wait a minute…I do have a choice…
I never did like the game of Musical Chairs
p.s - Today's my Ma's B' is wishing her all the health and happiness that the world can offer
p.p.s - I took this beautiful picture of K2 on my E72

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