Sunday, January 23, 2011

Backbends Etc.

It's time for a new work week - 2 hours of Yoga, Household chores, a trip to the farmer's market, one brain-dead Hindi Movie and one very sleepy toddler later...I realize that this weekend whizzed past at rocket speed.
As I was going through my Yoga practise yesterday, when the teacher asked us to do a backbend of choice and I chose to go "Full Wheel" mind went back to 5 years back when both my mind and body were afraid.So for me, backbends are very much about getting the body (and mind) to go beyond what it is comfortable with, to boldly go where my body/mind hasn't gone before. The weather has been wonderfully sunny and warm and it felt wonderful walking in the Farmers Market picking up sweet mandarins, crisp apples, heads of cauliflower, bunches of brocolli, a big head of cabbage, a bunch of carrots and a big loaf of marble rye bread...I cooked some, but mostly left the cooking to the MIL. Recharged and Energized, I am ready to tackle this work week was your weekend?

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