Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Date with a Food Truck…

I have been known for my love of food…one week it could be Dimsum, the next it would be Japanese Curry, followed by non-stop pho magic…however in the past month I have discovered a new love – Curry Up Now …I have actually followed the truck around based on its tweets for its Tikka Masala Burritos and Kathi Rolls but what has me head over heels in love is their Goat Curry Over Rice…I am a person trying hard to move to vegetarianism and have mostly been successful due to the fact that I am squeamish to handle raw meats of any kinds…so besides the dino bites chicken nuggets or pre-made chicken meatballs and the truffle mousse there is not much meat around the house….yet there are times when the call of the meat curry beckons me like a siren calling it’s next prey (see the guilt complex rearing its ugly head…). Why this shout-out for curry up now? Well, here goes – their impeccable customer service despite the brilliant tasty food. They hadn’t publicized their new run schedule, so when I was placing my order, I mock complained that I felt like I was chasing them around…voila! The really nice guy offered me my plate for free….totally unexpected but WOW!

Here is what I have learnt about Product Management from this Food Truck –
(A) Find your target market –You can’t be everything to everyone, so find your “sweet spot” and serve them with singular focus and integrity. Every time I visit this truck, there is usually a long line waiting in anticipation. There is a reason for it.
(B) Create Demand and maintain quality– If you follow Curry Up Now’s tweets you will know what I mean – they are clear on what is available and they make it sound so amazing, that I want it right then…and the food has consistently been excellent.
(C) Sometimes Less is More – they have an unashamedly short menu…but nothing short of brilliant.
(D) Share Updates (both internally & externally) – These guys are happening – be it on Facebook, Blog Updates or Tweets
(E) Gather Customer Feedback and react – The dude who serves me my food never forgets to get my likes (regular or spicy), asks me how the food was, and in my recent case reacts with impeccable customer service that leaves you flabbergasted…

Psst…a word of advice – you might think that you can handle spice…I know I can handle spice but the spicy is Too Hot to Handle…so take regular and ask for the hot sauce on the side (the hot sauce has Habenaros and Bhut Jholkia – the latter is the hottest chili in the world found only in Assam, India).


  1. Good Post Meenakshi. I have been a fan of this truck for a while as well and agree that their spicy is HOT!!!. I did not know that they used the Bhut Jholkia stuff in there. We go to the one that stops at the ORCL parking lot of Fridays when we can. I would actually say that the customer service is great when the lady is there , but pretty average when the bunch of guys handle it. So my general learning from them is that it is very important to train everyone facing the customer and imbibe in them the values of your company. One off interactions dont help in the long run.

  2. Sekhar...thanks for visiting my blog. BTW, I have had wonderful customer experience from the CUN boys :) at the Oracle Parking Lot.