Saturday, May 21, 2011

Santa Barbara, Killer Whales and a Killer Butter Chicken....

The years in Santa Barbara were idyllic – a start-up culture, close-knit team, a wonderful supportive spouse (we got married after we moved to Santa Barbara from Washington DC) and the fabulous chance to spread my wings and bask in the warmth of southern California. Two friends that I made in my first couple months there were M and S – one warm and absolutely the best friend I had (I remember her every time I look at the beautiful ring stand she gave me, which is every night) and the other flamboyant with a joyous abandon to enjoying life and every new experience to the fullest. I remember the three of us going down to State Street to enjoy some Mexican food with a much needed Margherita and the only one that got carded was me :-( 

S lived life large- she and I went to Amsterdam for a Business trip and she splurged 3 grand on clothes which to me seemed very impulsive and over the top…over the years I have made life style choices based on my life priorities. K1 and I live life with three overriding principles –
(A) Live Happy
(B) Live Healthy
(C) Live Clean (within your means, ethically and simple)

Over the years I have switched our food habits to Organic, Local and focused on healthy options. I will give you an example – my plan yesterday was to take K2 for dinner to a restaurant for some “mommy time” with him (K1 was still blissful in China sans wife and child)…however, as I drove to Whole Foods for a few essentials – Bread, Milk etc. I saw that WF was having their Friday Sale – a whole, free range roasted or grilled chicken for $5 (regular price $10). I am an avid follower of “The Whole Deal” and found a coupon for a free side – I picked Mom’s Macaroni Salad (which on a normal day would have been $9). The chicken is about 3 pounds, enough for dinner for K2 yesterday and I made a killer Butter Chicken (recipe to follow if requested – just fair warning this is a heart healthy curry, so if you are looking for some butter action, wrong recipe).
Coming back to M and S, I was missing them quite a bit because the first time I invited M & S over to our place in SB, I had cooked a butter chicken…those were wonderful, uncomplicated times …lots of learnings but a lot of love and laughter…carefree lifestyle. Life today is a bit more measured and I am hoping to instill in my son some of that joyous intent to live life fullest…no regrets, no worries…living in the present ( of course I still am the planner but am trying to break out of that habit).

Here are a couple pictures from our whale watching trip last week. I do want to give Sanctuary Cruises a plug…they were reasonably priced, very personal trip and we had a very learned Biologist on board – Dorris who was amazingly patient while she walked us through the various marine life. What made my day were the Orcas (killer whales), Hump Back Whales, a huge group of brown pelicans, the playful risso dolphins and the albatross. Do try and make a trip out to Moss Landing to Sanctuary Cruises if you are in the area…right next to Sanctuary Cruises is this awesome farm stand – I picked up blueberries, strawberries, five pounds of Organic Oranges, ten grape fruits, 3 pounds of apples, 2 pounds of lemon, fruit sticks (mango and apple), 4 heads of garlic for 12 dollars :)
How has life been treating you?

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