Thursday, August 15, 2013

Seven Steps to a Healthy You!

With Age comes the realization that we are mere mortals with our bevy of problems, aches & pains, allergies, likes & dislikes. Yet one thing that stays a constant companion is Good Health...there are some simple, easy steps that we can take to maintain our health :

  1. Drink Water throughout the day and cut out soda : I always forget to drink water till I get thirsty but cutting out soda has become second nature. They have free soda at the office but you never see me reaching out for anything other than a hot cup of herbal tea or water
  2. Stock up on healthy portable snacks : Fruits, Seaweed (try Annie Chun's Grab and Go), Kits Organic Bars, I microwave peanuts and put them in snack bags, string cheese, almonds, dried cranberries and raisins, Belvita Cookies and if I want to indulge...Snackwell Yogurt Pretzels
  3. Plan Healthy Meals : I have a rough idea of what we will be eating most of the week -- some of this meal planning includes ordering fresh home-cooked foods. I stock my freezer with Organics like Sukhi's street wraps, EVOL Burritos, Amy's Readymade Indian for my son. My fridge has ready made adai batter (indian crepes), greek yogurt, fresh organic eggs (chicken and duck), Clam Shells of triple washed salads - mostly Organic Girl, easy to cut and eat raw fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, apples, oranges, bananas) and of course sometimes  the brownies and tarts (from Whole Foods)
  4. Pack Lunch : My  family carries lunch to office/school...whether it is a sandwich, paratha or pasta, our preference is to carry a balanced meal from home or order a packed lunch beforehand  rather than go pick some food from the cafeteria.
  5. Fit Exercise into your lifestyle : Exercise is not an afterthought anymore in my life...I go to the gym at least 4-5 times a week for Zumba and Yoga. We go for walks or hikes as a family...we don't make excuses...we look for workarounds so that both K1 and I can go to the gym and yet take care of the daily routines. K2 is in swim camps and sports camps all summer and I see him becoming so strong and athletic.
  6. Feed the Mind : I am a junkie for all books self-improvement and tend to read quite a few books in that genre. Coursera and the Bhagvad Gita are constant resources in my life that I draw on from every day of my life. And of course I do throw in the more than occasional chick lit.
  7. Sleep Enough : As I give this advice I flinch...I have only just started sleeping again. The last few months sleep has been elusive...I have started developing a routine...and I have my sleep hour to 11.30 PM and sleep at least 7 hours. My goal is to sleep by 10.30 PM and get 8 hours of shut eye. I tend to work after 9.00 PM and sometimes time just passes me by too quickly.
Most important when you slip - Cut yourself some slack! However, make sure you get back on the bandwagon otherwise life will pass you by.
Yesterday my brother brought over his Blendtec and I made a quick smoothie for breakfast this morning. Presenting to you the Enlightened Greens :

  • 2 Green Fuji Apples ( they were from my friend P's garden)
  • 3/4 Box (5 Oz Clamshell) - Organic Girl - Five Happiness
  • 3 Oz Blueberries
  • 6 Oz Greek Yogurt
  • Honey (use stevia if you don't want the extra calories)
  • 2 Tbsp Chia Seeds
  • Water (depending on how thick you want your smoothie)
Use the Smoothie button and in less than a minute you have a delicious breakfast on hand. Here's me drinking to your health! And to all  my fellow Indians back home -- Vande Mataram!

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  1. I will have to try this recipe! And I agree 100% on all the points you have listed above. Although I have stopped carrying or keeping snacks at hand because both me and my daughter tend to snack much more if these are around...which results in me eating too much and her eating too little of her regular meals.