Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Show me your Heart

Life is so full, that at times it gets overwhelming...I learnt the principle of KISS (keep it simple sista) early in my work life but learnt to apply it late to my personal life but some wise person said - Better Late than Never.

Heart Disease is the No.1 killer in the US (one out of every three are impacted by it). The No.1 cause for this No.1 killer is STRESS. Our lives are overflowing with To-Do Lists, Juggling, Parenting, Cooking, Working, Balancing Spreadsheets and we still  itch to add activities to  our weekend schedule.This year I have decided to take a stand and am putting my money where my mouth is - I am participating in the Bay Area Heart Walk.

Please support this cause - it has affected a lot of us personally...K1 lost both his paternal grandparents to a heart attack and a stroke and I know a number of you have stories similar to his...it's about building awareness and mindfulness...one step at a time...it could be your lunch money for a day, maybe more...every little bit counts.

Donate for my cause here
Walk with me here

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