Thursday, February 12, 2009

Role Models etc.

Wikipedia is a source of lots of information for me. For eg. it told me the health benefits of quinoa ( I am a convert now...I feed my son quinoa with sweet potato every day...). Wikipedia tells me that a role model is a person who helps us become the person we want to be and inspire us to make a difference. Choosing wisely means that you are influenced correctly and will help you be the best person you can be.
Thinking hard, truth be told both my parents were role models...I see their influence on different aspects of myself. You got to understand that a lot of my thinking process was getting fuelled by Organic Apple Cinnamon Bread and a thick layer of Nutella...and the peace and quiet of my son playing at My Gym with his daddy was helping.

Coming back to Role Models - I see a lot of my Dad in me - looks wise I am a dead ringer for my dad....same skin, same eyes, same blunt nose and stubborn chin...and at times there is a pang of mother has a classic timeless beauty that I would have traded a lot for ... anyway looks apart -- my dad and I do view the world as "black and white" ; we are workoholics, work addicts, slaves to our work...; we don't express very well but feel a lot; we are the proverbial "thinking men"...we think a lot....

From my Mama I get the Yin side of the house - I am a perfectionist when it comes to keeping the house and financials in order, the house runs mostly like a well oiled machine, she has a very soft heart and a sharp tongue ...and guess what...yep you guessed right...

With my son K2, I wonder who he will be more like...K1 or me...but it is always hope that there is a little some of us that we leave behind in our remind the world that we existed...that in my mind is the circle of life...

Now let me go down and grab another spoonful of Nutella and a cuppa chai and enjoy my saturday morning peace and quiet

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