Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Warriors

Growing up I was slightly superstitious - wishing on falling stars, panicking if a black cat crossed the road,crossing my fingers if I told a white lie to my mother (which wasn't often) and the list goes on. As a grown up, I believed in sheer hard work and drive moving me forward through life but there was a recognition that there was an invisible variable "luck" guiding life in directions known and unknown.

The week was super busy with work and non-work related clutter...Friday saw K1 (the husband) and me mentally and physically drained. We pretty much spent Friday Evening on the couch playing with K2 (my son) and watching some re-runs of "House". Saturday was busy with errands galore, taking my toddler to a B'day party in the Lil' Gym and watching glassy eyed while the little "energizer batteries" went on and on and on...I got tired watching them. Sunday is "SuperBowl"...we spent the morning with me feeding my son his oatmeal, strawberries, banana and yogurt breakfast (for a hour!) while K1 prepared breakfast of omlettes and waffles. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning up and making lunch (Dosas & Sambhar)...and K1 is planning on hanging with the dudes for Superbowl while I hang out at home with a cuppa chai and K2. Looking forward to some quiet time with a book...

I think the very purpose of weekends is to give weekdays a "sense of purpose". We go through the routines of work and life of weekdays anticipating and looking forward to the quiet time from the weekends. I like keeping my weekends uncluttered...not too social but with the right amount of activities. We meet up with a couple dear friends, hang out at home with an interesting movie and popcorn, take K2 to the zoo or park, even our expeditions to the Farmer's Market are exciting (at least for me)...
Here's this weekend warrior, enjoying the last few hours of her Sunday, looking forward to the "Manic Madness of Monday" because with the onset of Monday is the anticipation for another brand new weekend with its own set of promises.

P.S: Yoga is an activity I usually reserve for weekends. My favorite Yoga Instructor Jennifer had taken this picture of a totally unaware me doing the "Rajkapot Asana - Pigeon" far my favorite pose in Yoga

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