Sunday, August 23, 2009

In for the marathon, not the sprint...

Does anyone else feel like they are running a sprint with juggling a career and motherhood with active kid(s)...most days I do. Usually it is a balancing act where I end most days glad that I got most of my tasks completed...and put K2 to sleep, and get a cuppa hot herbal tea (Mighty Leaf : African Nectar with a dash of Honey if you are curious).
Most days are a battle of will with a two-almost-three year old, where his favorite word is No...

Product Manager Mama : K2, do you want to eat?
K2: No
Product Manager Mama : K2, can you put away your toys?
K2:No, Mama YOU clean up
Product Manager Mama: K2, want to watch Mickey Mouse?
K2: No, want to watch Abba (translated:Mickey Mouse)...
I am stumped !!! I can manage flawless executions of product strategy, juggle multiple products and release schedules, manage aggressive deadlines and present to a crowd...yet this not quite three year old has me throwing up my hands in despair....but he is wonderful...especially when he realizes he has upset me and cuddles up to me and says - Hug! Mama...what's a girl to do!
Last week had been especially was as usual (but not quite as intense as the week before) and on Thursday K1 was gone on a business trip and I came home to a toddler with a 101 degrees temperature...not fun. Friday was a daze and Saturday and Sunday have been equally quiet. We tried to keep it low key for K2...I don't even remember what we did on Saturday...Sunday -Farmer Market's Bounty - Heirloom Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Habaneros, Asian Pears, Peaches, Apples (Gala and Sommerfield) and some Plums. I tried my hand at making some Parathas (see what a paratha is here) for Krish's lunch box for school on Monday . My parathas had a twist - I used Sweet Potato Puree instead of water, some ghee or clarified butter to hold together and jaggery to sweeten...took me an hour to make on a Sunday evening...
My son's Monday morning lunch box was a work of art - (A) 3 tiny Sweet Potato Parathas (B) 2 Dino Chicken Nuggets (C) Cut Strawberries sweetened with Agave Nectar (D) Cantaloupe. Everything came back home uneaten today...such is life.
As I drink my herbal tea and ponder over life's complexity --I realize that raising a child is not about instant gratification. It is hard work...sometimes you feel like you are failing...sometimes you really ARE failing...but it's alright...I am going with my gut. I am doing what I believe is right for K2...I will probably have a number of emotional ups and downs in the coming years but I am in this for the long haul...Hope your weekend was more relaxed than mine.
P.S: I reached my dream weight today and I didn't feel a twinge of joy...I have not been to Yoga in more than a month...I haven't been eating healthy for a long time now. So my resolution is drop another 10 Lbs without dieting and with exercising...BACK TO YOGA with a vengenance

P.P.S: We just got Ice Age 1 and Ice Age 2 from our public library. I think I am more hooked to Ice Age than K2...I googled Mammoths and read up on them for quite sometime today


  1. wonderful post. esp the lunch box coming back as is...could just add a ditto.


  2. VJ,thanks for visiting. We area hoping that he really starts eating some of the things in his Lunch Box but I guess we will learn through Trial and Error.