Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jai Ho...

I walk in quite randomly to pick up a puzzle book for K2 at the bookstore and lo! behold the Animal Puzzle book I wanted to pick up for him was 50% off...magical! An issue at work magically resolves itself...a presentation runs smoothly...the lamp I was eyeing at Pier 1 imports is now suddenly half off...and other magical things happen with my service that I would rather not talk about. You might think these are small things...But after weeks of frenzied work, a worried mind due to a sick baby...things seem to be falling into place. Among all of this, every time something positive happens,I can't seem to stop Cliff Richard's from crooning in my head the song "Lucky Lips" -

Dah dup dap dap dup dah dup dah dah
Dup dah dup dah dah dup oh_

When I was just a little baby
I didnt have many toys
But my momma used to say son, you got
More than other boys
Now you may not be good looking and you may not
Be too rich
But youll never ever be alone
cos youve got lucky lips...

K2, the baby genius completed his 28 piece puzzle in less than 20 minutes...did I tell you he starts preschool this Monday - I am terrified and excited all at the same time. I did get a chance to hang out with my good friend E and the team at Cascal...we shared some light moments over Caprianas and Tapas on Thursday. Friday,K1 and I took K2 to ToysRus and got him Baylene the Brachiosaurus from the Walt Disney Movie...Dinosaur. My general knowledge on Dinosaurs in improving leaps and bounds. We are in active search of a Iguanodon which is what Alador the lead dinosaur in the movie is...

PF Changs and Buddha Delight was my lunch of choice today...we are planning to spend the evening with R&M for some R&R and we will watch the fireworks in Great America. If you are wondering what "Jai Ho" means apart from the much publicized AR Rahman Oscar winning Song from "Slumdog Millionare" means may victory be yours. India celebrates her 62nd Independance Day today. A dichotomous country that instills in you the utmost love and yet at times frustration...filled with peace and war, the pinnacles of riches and the chasms of poverty...democratic in parts and autocratic in others...but Jai Ho...Here's to growth...good times and prosperity of this beautiful nation...
The picture above is a random one taken while walking down the streets in Finland...

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