Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Lazy Sunday...

What else would you call a Sunday where all you want to do is lay in bed, pull the comforter over your head and let the whole world pass by uncaring...yet soon a small voice bright and chirpy goes - "Mornin Mama"...and I think to myself, if this little sick tyke was exhibiting so much cheerfulness, I better get a backbone...with a loud rendition of Gloria Gaynor's song " I will survive" going on inside my head which was already throbbing to a sinus headache...I drag myself out of bed and go through the morning with K2 - brush teeth-check, change diaper and clothes and massage - check, make breakfast and feed - check , I still have to drag myself to the Farmer's Market for some fresh vegetables and fruits for next week for K2. The key when things don't seem going your way is - create a plan and stick to it (and yes have a back up plan)...yes works perfectly both at work and home.

This week has been very busy at work...and the predictions are that the next week will be even busier. I took K2 to the pediatrician on Friday and the verdict was he had a sinus infection and needed Antibiotics. Friday was incidentally K1's b'day and me and the in-laws took him for lunch to a nice Turkish restaurant, after which we went and watched "Julie & Julia" MIL went teary eyed when Julie made a toast with the words - "you are the bread to my butter, the breath to my life"...I got K1 a chocolate raspberry cake and we still have some of it lying in the fridge, if you see it in the breakroom Monday -- you know who it is from....

We dropped the in-laws off at the Airport on Saturday and went to N's Baby shower...she looked great. There was a Mehndi Lady who made some beautiful intricate designs for the ladies and (Ahem!) the men...what is Mehndi you ask me -- here is what has to say -

The art of mehndi (or mehandi) has been a long-standing tradition stemming from many ancient cultures dating back as far as about 5,000 years, but is most known today for its history in India. Today, it is still used in religious and ritualistic ceremonies in India, but has also gained appreciation in other countries as a beautiful art to be appreciated at any time. So, what exactly is mehndi?
Mehndi is a temporary art done on the body with henna. Henna powder is derived from a plant (actually a bush),
Lawsonia inermis, commonly found in the Middle East and other areas where the climate is hot and dry. The bush is harvested, dried, and then crushed to make henna powder.

We chilled at home on saturday evening and Sunday is almost half done and it sure feels like a lazy one...

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